For the Salad

2 bunches Lacinato Kale

2 ripe Starkrimson or D’Anjou Red Pear

1 average sized Daikon

1 small bunch Scallions (green onions)

1 cup plucked Cilantro Leaves

Stem, Wash and dry Kale.  Place leaves on top of each other in layers of 6.  Role them up lengthwise and thinly slice 1 cm wide so they are even strips or ribbons.  Place in large Mixing bowl.
Peel Daikon then cut into small 1 cm cubes.  Add to Kale.
Wash, trim and finely slice scallions and add to bowl
Toss the salad dressing with these ingredients.
Plate and top with sesame brittle, cilantro and freshly sliced pear.

For the Dressing

I cup Sesame Oil 

1 tbsp Shoyu

8 tbsp Ume Vinegar

3 tbsp lime juice

½ small chili pepper seeded and minced

Salt to taste

Place shoyu, vinegar, lime juice and chili in a blender.
with blade running, emulsify by pouring sesame oil into liquid.
add salt and to taste.  You may not need it.  Ume Vinegar is usually salted.

For the Krokant

12 tbsp fine sugar

12 tbsp toasted sesame

4 tsp salted butter

¼ tsp toasted coriander seed (ground in coffee mill)

Heat the sugar in a non stick pan until caramelized.  
Add the sesame, butter and toasted coriander and blend well.
Pour onto a piece of foil that has been oiled with butter or sesame oil and allow cooling.
Once cool, break into small pieces.