Born in Augusta, Georgia, David grew up in a classic military family, moving every 3 years, until he was 12, when his family settled in Southern Germany. Always encouraged to explore food culture, David embraced adventurous eating over the next 20 years of living and working in Europe.  

His early career consisted of working in fashion houses, including Ralph Lauren and Gucci, but his passion for entertaining at home and his dreams of having a food business steadily grew.

David's first culinary venture was the catering service, Tabula, in the heart of the Bogenhausen neighborhood in Munich, Germany. Working with Chef Elisabeth Peter, David focused on biodynamic  and macrobiotic cooking.  Tabula offered both regional and internationally inspired cuisine, always maintaining seasonal food offerings and sourcing locally grown food.  Influenced by medicinal and food revolutionaries, such as Hildegard of Bingen and Rudolf Steiner, David gained a new understanding of the food chain and dove into the study of nutrition.  An autodidact, he read books on nutritional healing, herbalogy, healthy food combinations, ayurveda and vegetarianism. 

In 2004, he opened Fresh Dish, a vegetarian delivery service in the heart of Munich’s progressive neighborhood, Glockenbach.  Fresh Dish provided its subscribers with a balanced organic meal 5 days a week.  Each meal included a information on the corresponding nutritional and healing facts of the ingredients used in each meal.  A huge success, the meal plan gained a loyal clientele, including Condé Nast and Bavarian Film Studios.  

To be closer to his family, David relocated to Atlanta, Georgia in 2007. He opened his first restaurant in the historic Sweet Auburn District of Atlanta - Dynamic Dish.  As a conscious, self-taught chef with an awareness of the health challenges that a large portion of Americans face due to poor diet, David honed in on his true mission. So, came about the ethos of Dynamic Dish:

To provide fresh nutritious meals for people with Modern/Urban Lifestyles, who don’t have the time to prepare meals for themselves.  To offer food with a healthy advantage, containing natural ingredients obtained from multi-cultural natural resources, combined to create tasty, imaginative meals that have a positive result on the well being of people of all ages.

Dynamic Dish was constructed as a LEED Platinum space in the Martin Luther King Historic District and served from August 2007 – December 2010.

After a brief stint as Chef du Jardin at Atlanta’s Restaurant Eugene, David joined forces with Chef Billy Allin at the one of the South’s most acclaimed farm-to-table restaurants, Cakes and Ale, taking over the lunch and catering program for Chef Allin’s Café.

Since 2014 David has been working free-lance doing pop-ups, cooking demonstrations, developing recipes, food styling, private & corporate catering.

Selected Corporate Client List

Son & Sons, Woodruff Arts Center,  Conde Nast, Emory University, Campebell Creative, Liz Lapidus PR, CooperRiis, Bon Appetit, Southfork, Southface, Wonderfarm, Northside Hospital Cancer Center, Georgia Organics, Georgia Institute of Technology, CNN, United Way, American Cancer Association, Community Farmers Market Inc., L1 Gallery, Ansley Garden Club, Freedom Farmers Market, Savannah College of Art & Design, Truly Living Well.